Triad Decision Power


Triad's Decision Power product empowers business decision making with measurable results

Decision Power reduces the time SME's need to build an effective Data Warehouse without the high costs normally associated with business intelligence projects.

Our clients are seeing the benefits of this technology transformation as we work together to address existing data issues and provide new insights that enables them to make better business decisions.

Decision Power is designed to work with your existing solutions. Data that exists in multiple locations such as SQL databases, Oracle databases, SharePoint lists, Access database, Excel spreadsheets and text files can be processed.

Fast Delivery

We will build your initial data warehouse database and transition it into your in-house team by providing training and developer support with using Decision Power.

The quickest, lowest risk and most cost effective way to start and deliver a BI solution is with a proof of concept (PoC) and to expand from there into delivering solutions that deliver business value for high priority areas.

Cost Effective

Decision Power reduces CAPEX and OPEX associated with ETL products. The solution can transitioned to you to operate and support or we can provide ongoing support arrangements.

Decision Power is only available with Triad BI professional services when used to implement a BI project. Once a project has been delivered there are no additional annual license costs associated. Decision Power comes with a perpetual product license.

Proven Technology

Decision Power is built using Microsoft SQL Server and integrates with your existing sources of business data. Solutions can be configured to work with the features of the Microsoft database platform.

  • SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS)
  • SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS)
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Future versions will be enabled for the Azure cloud platform.

Key Product Features

  • Handles Multiple Data Sources
  • Advanced Data Processing
  • High Performance
  • Secure
  • Data Quality Checking
  • Data Cleansing
  • Full Entity History
  • Instance Configuration
  • Seamless deployment from dev to production
  • Data Diagnostics
  • Usage Statistics
  • Enterprise bus matrix

Product Support

We provide 2nd and 3rd line cover to investigate and resolve reported incidents, and will provide software fixes to problems identified in this way. The Triad help desk can be contacted by phone. A direct telephone number and dedicated email address is provided for each customer.

We log the time and call detail as a support service report (SSR) and provide immediate telephone / email advice where appropriate. When additional support is required we assign the SSR to an appropriate support team member to be investigated and a resolution progressed. We will provide continuous feedback on all support issues raised and the proposed resolutions until they are resolved.

The support team member will categorise the SSR as follows:

Priority 1 | Critical | a fault which prevents the service/product being used;

Priority 2 | Material | a fault which causes the service/product to not operate as expected;

Priority 3 | Cosmetic | a fault which does not negatively affect service/product operation;

  • Standard support hours 08:00 - 18:00 GMT
  • Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
  • Voicemail facility for out-of-hours contact
  • Report incidents by email at any time.