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"Working with Triad has been nothing short of a pleasure for the project and the users of the new system." Ben Showers, Delivery Manager, Cabinet Office

"As the technical partner in replacing a business critical Parliamentary system, Triad managed to combine technical expertise and understanding in translating our complex requirements into a new system with the ability to communicate effectively to all project stakeholders. Triad were also extremely flexible and willing to go beyond what was expected in order to ensure the successful delivery of the project. The result was a new and improved system delivered on time and within budget." Ben Showers, Delivery Manager, Cabinet Office

Client Story

The Government Whips' Office has had a Pairs and Whipping System (PAWS) database since 1998 to enable Cabinet Office Civil Servants based in the House of Commons to process vital voting information and statistics for the Government Chief Whip and his/her team of Ministers.

The Government Whips' Office relies enormously on this database to produce full voting statistics for the Government Chief Whip and his ministerial team of 13 Whips. All relevant information, including all absence requests and Committee attendance, is input onto the database to assist the Civil Servant team to support the Ministers with their duties as Whips. The data which is produced from the system is used on a daily basis by the Chief and his Ministers. This information is also provided to the Prime Minister.

The previous system ran on Parliamentary IT and was supported by Parliamentary ICT. Operation changes meant that this arrangement could no longer be supported and a cloud based solution was sought by the Cabinet Office. The delivery timeline was 13 weeks.

Options Appraisal

Based on User Stories, Cabinet Office's design principles plus budget and time constraints, Triad produced a technical options paper for delivering a cloud based solution. The recommended option, based on fit, cost, risks and ease of delivery, was a Microsoft Office365 solution.

This option was taken forward using an Agile delivery approach which followed Government Digital Services (GDS) guidelines.

ALPHA phase

Within the ALPHA phase, consisting of 3 x 1 week sprints, Triad built a prototype to demonstrate how requirements could rapidly be realised using the proposed technologies whilst removing much of the bespoke coding usually required for this type of specialist system.

BETA phase

Moving on to the BETA phase, consisting of 6 x 1 week sprints, Triad's team worked closely with Cabinet Office and the Whips Assistants to quickly deliver the required functionality using a hands-on, rapid-feedback, agile approach. This close working relationship resulted in a cloud based system with improved functionality and user experience as well as being flexible enough to meet future demand.

BETA to LIVE phase

The BETA to LIVE phase, consisting of 5 x 1 week sprints, saw the system tested end-to-end using real world scenarios. Bugs were fixed and minor changes were implemented, before the system was deployed to live, on time and within budget.


The Whips Assistants love the simplicity of the new system and find it very intuitive to use.