Case Study: Customer Self Service Portal



Agile Development
SQL Server
User Experience
Responsive Design


Property Management
Employee Relocation

HCR Group is one of the UK's largest and most successful companies providing UK and International Employee Relocation, together with property related services. HCR asked Triad to design a self service capability for HCR clients. In just two months Triad delivered a self-service capability that worked on desktop or mobile tablet devices and provided HCR with a competitive advantage.

Identifying the requirement for mobile support at the start of the project enabled the most appropriate technical components with support for mobile and touch-based interface to be selected. This saved considerable development and testing effort.

Triad worked collaboratively with HCR so that the business could participate and influence how the features of the portal were implemented. Full use of modern web-based tools and frameworks were used to provide a rich visual and interactive user experience for presenting report data.

Progress was rapid and HCR were able to run a sales demonstration of the solution to a client on an iPad midway thought the project. HCR saw continuous and incremental business value being delivered throughout the process and were able to shape the product to be exactly what they needed.

After several months of use and client feedback, Triad were asked by HCR to extend the features available on the portal to keep the competitive advantage already established.