Case Study: Cabinet Office - Honours and Appointments Digital Transformation Project

Cabinet Office

User Research and Content Design
Business Analysis: User Story Mapping and Creation
Service Design and Transition modelling
Technical Options Appraisal
Alpha Implementation Planning
Outline Business Case updates

MS Office suite, including Visio
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"The Triad team identified a clear path for us to achieve our vision. They listened, understood and engaged at all the right levels which gave us the confidence that our Discovery truly reflected the wide spectrum of user need as well as demonstrating how we might improve the operational administration of the Service. I would like to highlight Dave Newbigging's contribution in particular. The whole team were impressed with Dave's commitment and how he quickly he understood the complexities and sensitivities of the Honours casework system. It was a pleasure to work with him." Lesley Bainsfair, Product Owner, Honours and Appointments Secretariat (Project Owner until Aug 2015)

Client Background

The Honours system recognises people who have made an achievement in public life or committed themselves to serving and helping the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

The Honours and Appointment Secretariat administers all matters related to honours, civilian gallantry awards, civilian service awards and senior state and church appointments. The administration function covers the receipt, acknowledgement and processing of honours nominations made by members of the public and preparation of the Honours List

The Challenge

The Honours and Appointments process was administered using disparate and outdated software. Over time, the adoption of manual workarounds by the team had resulted in inefficient business process. The need for staff to interact directly with nominators, and handle large volumes of paper-based correspondence drives up cost and effort for the business. For UK citizens, the lack of appropriate online tools creates barriers for those wishing to nominate.

What we did

Triad led a team of User Interaction (UI) and User Experience (UX) design experts, to undertake structured consultation and research with stakeholders, end users (ranging from other Government departments to the Royal Household) and members of the public. Our analysis helped to design a new service, which highlighted where efficiencies could be gained and how it they can be measured through the business benefits and KPIs. We also conducted a solutions appraisal which identified a suitable technology platform for development aligned to the strategic direction defined by the Cabinet Office. A highly collaborative working partnership with the Honours and Appointments team enabled us to develop a modernised approach to nomination and citation processing which would enable the service to achieve the following goals:

  • See a considerable reduction in phone and e-mail enquiries and in hard copy correspondence and nominations;
  • Utilise a reliable and intuitive case management user interface for HAS workers and stakeholders;
  • Develop a reliable and intuitive digital user interface for members of the public that is Digital by Default compliant
  • Implement a route for users who can’t use online government services on their own;>
  • Increase awareness and encourage nomination submissions.

The result

The deliverables we produced established a clear path to service improvement which incorporates streamlined business process, a solution development roadmap for alpha and subsequent phases as well as the building blocks to achieving an increase in quality nomination and citations submissions from a greater, diverse range of users.