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Triad really helped us to keep our incredibly complex mobile advertising programme on track. Highly recommended. Reg Cox - GSMA Delivery Director


The GSM Association (GSMA) represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Their members’ vision was to establish a mobile advertising ecosystem with improved targeting of audiences for the delivery of advertisements with greater personal relevance to their subscribers. Success would deliver a greater share of the multi billion-dollar global spend on mobile advertising.

The GSMA engaged Triad to help develop the requirements for a global mobile advertising platform and manage the cross-operator technical staff develop the architecture.

Monetisation opportunities

Forecast after forecast had overshot the mark on the market size for mobile advertising. By comparing the analyst predictions with the operators’ expectations it was clear there was an imbalance between the expected monetisation opportunities.

We reviewed the mobile advertising value chain and identified key points where a revenue opportunity existed for operators. We identified two key points where a total of 25% per £ spent could flow to operators. From this we were able to advise and guide the design of technology solution to focus on the key parts of the value chain.

Industry platform

In order for mobile operators to establish a share of the mobile ad display revenue we identified that there needed to be a standardisation of mobile advertising currency (to measure effectiveness) between buyers and sellers and the availability, at volume, of targetable customer data.

We worked with the GSMA and stakeholders from Europe’s ‘big five’ operators covering UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France to agree the requirements of the platform, establish the currency and make data available.

Designing the platform

The platform was much broader that its technological definition, it was envisioned as a Mobile Advertising Marketplace. Three working groups were created to address commercial, consumer privacy and technical design perspectives. Triad chaired the technical working group.

We took the initial business requirements and refined them to deliver a high-level technical architecture that was agreed by all participating operators.