Case Study: CNWL


Agile Delivery


"I was very pleased with Triad’s flexibility and technical skills. Their team delivered our intranet with a can-do attitude, working with us to adapt to challenges and opportunities as they arose" Victor Orhurhu, ICT Project Manager CNWL

Triad delivered a SharePoint intranet to CNWL to provide a single trusted corporate view across their diverse and complex IT environment.

Client Story

The Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest NHS trusts in the UK. Since achieving Foundation Trust status in 2007, CNWL have continued to expand to incorporate and deliver services across an increasing number of locations. Their 7,000 staff provide more than 300 different health services at over 150 sites across London and the south east of England.

CNWL embarked on an ambitious IT programme to bring their many networks and sites into a single unified infrastructure. A critical early enhancement as part of this unified environment was the delivery of a new modern intranet to provide a vibrant knowledge asset to empower CNWL’s staff to better create, inform, and share the wealth of knowledge and experience they possess.

After careful consideration, CNWL chose G-Cloud as their preferred procurement route because it allowed them to rapidly identify, assess and contract with a suitable supplier. CNWL conducted a short sharp assessment of the shortlisted suppliers, eventually choosing Triad as their intranet delivery partner based on our competitive rates and in-depth intranet delivery experience.

Delivery Approach

An Agile approach was used to deliver CNWL’s intranet taking full advantage of SharePoint’s rapid application delivery capability. This reduced timescales and cost for CNWL and delivered a system that could be supported in-house without the need for developers.

Based on an initial assessment of the overall high-level requirement, Triad determined that, with suitable backup, a single multi-skilled SharePoint consultant could deliver the majority of the system and therefore significantly reduce the cost of delivery to CNWL.

Triad’s consultant used a hands-on, open, show and tell approach to ensure that the key stakeholders were engaged and able to contribute at all times. This approach is tried and tested by Triad and is a very effective mechanism for delivering G-Cloud assignments. This approach was coupled with CNWL and Triad jointly managing priorities, people and budget. This ensured that only value for money activities were being pursued by the team. We were able to strike an effective balance between functionality and cost.


G-Cloud allowed Triad to quickly deliver a single corporate intranet providing CNWL staff with a self-service capability. This was achieved though a configuration and development of SharePoint that was user friendly in its use and maintenance.

Tailored training was given to content creators and administrators on the solution. This gave CNWL the self sufficiency to consolidate multiple separate islands of data from their legacy systems and avoid unnecessary ongoing consultancy costs.