Case Study: Architecture Review

Companies House

Technologies Reviewed
WebLogic Server
Open Source

Processes Reviewed
Agile, SCRUM


UK Government

Working with Triad was a great decision. They delivered results rapidly and effectively, enabling me to implement improvements to my IT delivery programme. I would not hesitate in recommending Triad to anyone else if they are looking for clear and constructive insight into improving their IT delivery capability. Gareth Lloyd CIO

Companies House were two years into a legacy platform migration that was aiming to replace existing web-based services with a single unified Companies House Service. This service would deliver open access to data on 3.2 million active company accounts.

Delivery progress had been slower than expected and the CIO commissioned Triad to undertaken an independent review of the technologies used and style of architecture chosen. The review sought to determine if the architecture was appropriate and to identify how the pace of delivery could be increased.

The review process consisted of an assessment of relevant documentation and interviews with product owners, SCRUM masters and developers to understand the rationale behind the technology choices and their impact on the software development process.

Many of the new technologies were new to the development teams and the difference in programming language concepts had taken time to adjust to. We reviewed the design of the public web API, use of non-blocking I/O, Perl, Scala, Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

Recommendation were made to improve the Agile deliver method to safeguard against the build-up of technical debt through better collaboration with DevOps, an improved approach to testing and ensuring architectural alignment and quality through development sprints.