Case Study: Service Delivery of a Ship Registry System

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"Triad brought significant project management experience and hands-on enthusiasm to enable the successful delivery of our new Ship Registry system". Leon Dorsett


The Bahamas Maritime Authority (the Authority) was established in July 1995. The function of the Authority is to register vessels, enforce ship safety requirements and constantly monitor and improve standards. It also represents The Bahamas at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and other international bodies such as the European Commission and the US Coast Guard.

Triad was brought in by the Authority to represent them in a service delivery capacity to oversee the two year delivery of two programmes by different third party suppliers.

Service Provider Management

The BMA relied on Triad to provide managerial guidance and support on behalf of its stakeholders in London, New York, Nassau and Hong Kong. Two service providers had been engaged to deliver programmes of work at the BMA. Triad initially managed the two workstreams, before identifying ways to cut costs through changes in scope to allow a single service provider to manage the full delivery. Triad then managed the remaining delivery, as well as providing guidance in penetration testing, running lessons learnt sessions and advising on system and user acceptance test strategies. Triad reported to the Board, provided monthly summaries and held weekly conferences with the New York office.

Crucially, the Authority was investing at a time where competitors were establishing a greater online presence. The delivery of the new solution allowed their customers to have more control over requests for registrations and certificate issues, whilst transferring the data effort away from the BMA staff. This has allows them to become more proactive in managing existing customers, as well as offering them greater scope with marketing initiative. It has also transformed the way that the offices work, permitting a world-wide, 24/7 business to achieve close working collaboration and a central repository of information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


The switch in scope caused a significant change to all parties. Triad managed this through careful communication and planning, ensuring that all stakeholders were kept informed, and ensuring that specific legislative milestones were considered and met. The result was an online application that has been extremely well received by the Authority and its customers alike.

"Triad provided leadership and guidance not only to the Authority but also the service provider. They established an excellent working relationship with everyone at the Authority, and their advice and support have played a major part not only on this delivery, but have also benefited other aspects of the Authority’s IT provision." Leon Dorsett