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Working with Triad
was a great decision

Working with Triad
was a great decision

Gareth Lloyd CIO Companies House


We help our clients become more efficient and competitive through the use of technology.

We've been designing and building applications continuously since 1988. We have a proven track record in consultancy and delivering innovative solutions on a variety of devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients become more efficient and competitive through the use of technology. What makes us different is that we are intently focused on delivering you the right solution. We don't just code, we work closely with you to build an understanding of your needs and deliver relevant solutions using the most appropriate methods.

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We provide assurance that your IT projects deliver solutions that will improve and grow your business.

We bring over twenty five years of delivery experience to our consultancy projects. We have experience in strategy development, enterprise architecture, technical design assurance and business process engineering.

Our consultants are thought leaders that take innovative ideas and make them a reality. They make a difference to your team and deliver results that last long after we've gone.

We build software rapidly and incrementally to demonstrate business value as early as possible.

We have been coaching, consulting and running software delivery projects in Agile for several years. Our clients benefit from significantly earlier returns on investment, and the flexibility in approach to accommodate changes in business requirements and direction without the need for lengthy and costly change control procedures.

With Agile, our clients are in control of the level of investment at all times, are assured of a production-ready release of functionality at the end of every development cycle, and can shape the solution continuously through close collaboration with the project team.

Want to know more?

A conversation with Triad will be an exchange of ideas from the start. We want to share our experience with you.

What makes Triad different from other IT consultancies?

We understand that one size rarely fits all. Triad's approach uses a cost-effective model that works in the way that best suits you.

We're great listeners. A conversation with Triad will start a dialogue that will help you resolve issues and make informed planning decisions on the future of your IT systems.

We build positive and productive relationships with our clients that enable us to act as their trusted advisors. Working with Triad will create a baseline for ongoing review and improvement.

Speaking with us will enable you to quickly determine if we are able to help you with your immediate needs.